We propose different ways to take advantage of your time during isolation, whether in the hospital or at home, as well as advice on habits and routines to promote a healthy lifestyle.

The periods of hospitalization, home confinement and the collateral consequences of the pandemic can put psychological well-being at risk.

Here we offer you some resources to take care of your mental health.

Relationships and the need to belong to a group are essential in the human being and for this reason, we believe it convenient to share tools to be able to communicate without difficulty with your loved ones.


The events that mark our lives do not always depend on us. One day you are immersed in your routine, it may not be the one you want the most, but it is your normality and suddenly you wake up different and you realize that it is not the same, that what seemed unchangeable has vanished. A STOP, a turning point or whatever you want to call it.


This goes for all of you. For those who have known COVID-19 from very close, in their own flesh. For those who have seen how it appeared in their lives, or their family or friends'. For those who have spent days isolated, distanced from the people they loved, but were aware that this situation was for the good of all. For those who unfortunately could not say goodbye to their loved ones, for those who have not been able to take their leave as they deserved.


Thank you because despite the adversities, you have fought, trusted and been a participant in this story, yes it may not be the most beautiful or expected in the world, rather a tragic one, but if we have something clear, it is that we all have learnt something. That, although many days you may have have woken up thinking that all this was a nightmare and that you were dreaming, reality has made us wake up suddenly. We don't really know when the end will be, but together we will go out.