Taking care of basic needs, as well as physical and emotional health, are just as important as the care we offer to our patients. Take care of yourself to continue caring!

Through our projects we intend to ensure that the professional finds resources to put into practice with their patients and thus progress in the quality of care.


Thanks to you and to all your colleagues for being on the front line and enduring the harshness of COVID, for having been able to do your job impeccably and for how you overcame the adversities that the health system has suffered during this pandemic. Thank you for being there for our loved ones, when we could not. Thank you for exposing your own health to take care of us.


We know that the applause made on the balconies, during the confinement period, gave you the strength to carry on with your work. We are also aware that this is not over, and that we cannot forget the great work you have done and that you still have to do, unfortunately this virus has not disappeared, the fight continues and your great work will be essential.


It is for all this, that from Proyecto Enfermera we want to thank you and acknowledge your great work. What is Nursing? The science that is dedicated to the care and attention of the sick? Nursing, it is you. It is the one who dedicates his time without expecting anything in return, who saves by taking care of and making the best of his smiles, who tries to be there for you no matter what, accompanying you in every decision you make, who celebrates with you that you feel better, and even, who holds your hand knowing that things are not going as expected. And who tries to give you the most dignified death possible. A profession of fighting and generous people, with a single objective, to take care of you and your well-being.