During the second year of the Degree in Nursing School, the university proposed us to carry out a creative challenge on COVID-19 to know in depth the needs of affected patients and their families. By not being able to carry out the clinical practices as a result of the confinement, this idea helped us to understand the problem through study and research.


The project "Together for CoVida" was born thanks to a great motivated and excited team that later had the initiative to turn it into something else, the virtual platform " Proyecto Enfermera ", with which it is intended to inform, propose, help and offer tools for all those who need it. ( See " Our objectives " )


You can also find us on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, where we share all the information on the web with our followers.

Superficie de mármol

" The best result is the product of all the members of the group doing the best for themselves and for the group"


A Wonderful Mind (2001)

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