What do we mean by "missed care"?


They are defined as basic care activities generally performed by nurses, which are not performed, partially performed or are deferred in time for reasons such as work overload or professional dissatisfaction. This omission of care can prolong the hospital stay of the patient as well as aggravate their physical and psychological situation. Unfortunately, the conditions generated by Covid-19 have led to a boom in these omitted care.

How can we identify them?

Óscar Rey (nurse) was able to validate the Questionnaire on Omission of Nursing Care (OMICE) whose purpose is to detect them in time to solve them before they get serious.

Our project

We believe that by giving voice to patients admitted for COVID-19 we can know what is the level of care omitted from their perception. With this knowledge coming to light we can redirect our work in order to offer the best care. Therefore, we have created the following survey that we hope will help you.



[Last Updated: 06/12/2020]