The idea of the Emotional Survival Kit , arises as a result of the testimonies of positive Covid patients, who have been isolated in the hospital and have lived some moment of concern for not having their personal belongings, such as the mobile charger to be able to communicate during their hospitalization. It is important to take care of the person physically and emotionally, that is why we want to provide you with a printable brochure to give to the family and thus ensure that the patient has the objects that are important to him or her during their admission.



  1. We print the brochure and fill in the details of the center so that the family member can get in touch if required.

  2. We explain that you must fill in the patient's details and place the brochure in a zip-lock bag (such as a plastic freezer bag) along with the items indicated therein. This will make it easier for us to identify the belongings and optimize the circuit to the patient.

  3. We clarify the way to get the bag to the center depending on the internal rules they have.

  4. It is essential to adapt the language and the way we communicate to the person in front of us to favor a proper understanding.